My name's Shane.
I'm an Irish Front-End Web Developer currently based in...

Bangkok, Thailand


A sneak peak at the work I’ve done, and clients I’ve worked with
waterford in your pocket

Waterford In Your Pocket

Waterford In Your Pocket is a tourism and event focused network providing the world with the best there is to offer in Waterford, Ireland.

I was tasked to develop a website founded upon a successful social media page - the fastest growing Facebook page in South-East Ireland. As well as web development, I took charge in co-directing Waterford In Your Pocket's social media content creation, and providing high quality photography for the site

The goal was to make it as easy as possible for the client to create and provide content. Wordpress was chosen as the foundation for it's easy-to-use dashboard.


Wordpress Development & Design / Strategy / Social Media Management / Photography / Graphic Design


Paul Dower, Social Media Entrepreneur



The KidsHeart foundation aims to provide schools across Switzerland with life saving defibrillators and essential equipment and training to teachers and staff.

I was asked to create a responsive Wordpress-based non-profit website to replace their outdated Drupal-based website. I was asked to develop and design the site with standard payment gateways, and an easy to use WYSIWYG system for the client to use for editing.

KidsHeart is a non-profit charity. I wanted to make it as simple as possible for people to donate to the cause, and for the client to update their content when needed.


Wordpress Development & Design / Graphic Design


Paul Dower, Social Media Entrepreneur

new street gardens

New Street Gardens

New Street Gardens is Waterford's newest park area sitting in the heart of the city center.

The client wanted an online presence to keep the public informed of the garden's activities. I worked alongside a social media expert to plan and create their website and social media presence.

As the gardens is a leisure spot for the public, the aim for the site is to keep the public up to date on any events or activities going on in the area, and to have it accessible to the client for easy modifications.


Wordpress Development & Design / Graphic Design / Photography


Edel Tobin, Teacher & New Street Gardens Manager

international design awards

International Design Awards

The International Design Awards is a yearly ceremony highlighting the achievements of artists and visionaries all over the world.

My task was to provide bug fixes and modifications to various front-end elements of the website based on a PSD design template. The site that was built originally had various inconsistencies that the client wanted resolved.

I wanted to make sure the site was fully responsive and as close to the PSD design as possible. Browser inconsistencies made the process unexpectedly difficult, but the final design was close to a perfect PSD to HTML conversion.


Front-End Development / PSD to HTML / Bug Fixes


Hossein Farmani, Farmani Group



FotoFund is a unique crowdfunding platform catered especially for photographers who seek support launching their projects

The client's goal is to move away from the current website's design and functionality and find a new platform to develop on. My task is to manage the project from start to finish using a new framework. I am currently developing this site on Laravel using a FundStarter script.

My goal is to gather information for the website's management team and improve, and develop the site around their needs and requirements while offering a stable and enjoyable platform for users.


Full-Stack Development / Project Management / UI&UX Design


Hossein Farmani, Farmani Group

Shane Kinsella

Shane Kinsella

This is my website! It hosts most of my recent work as a web developer as serves as a playground for testing, experimenting, and implementing new features.

In my move to stray away from the use of pre-built frameworks, I decided to build everything on the site from scratch. Coded in PHP, HTML, and Sass. Graphics designed in Photoshop and illustrator and coded using CSS3. Task management handled by Gulp.js and Bower.

Working with Shane on my recent website has been a pleasure. His work is superior, he is a professional and went above and beyond my expectations. He thought of things I would not have and made building a new site so much easier and faster than I could have ever imagined. I will be using his services in the future.
~ Vicky Darden HHC, RYT Begin Within Wellness.
Shane guided me through setting up my very own beautiful website to accompany my Facebook and other social media outlets. Whenever I need help or advice, he's the man!
~ Paul Dower, Waterford In Your Pocket.
I needed to transfer my Drupal-based website to Wordpress and I needed a web developer who knew the best practices to use to do it. Shane created a clean, functional, and responsive website with all the features I needed, and more!
~ Niels Kaastrup-Larson, KidsHeart Foundation


I've gotten my hands dirty with many different tools, frameworks and technologies over the years. Here are my favourites.
Bower Packet Manager
Sublime Text
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
jQuery UI


Born and raised in Waterford city in the south-east of Ireland, my childhood dream of “working on a computer when I grew up” led to my love of technology, the web, and being a digital creator.

I’ve been involved in web development for over 10 years, and I’ve been through many different trends - from the dark days of table layouts, to the wonderful modern use of preprocessors and responsive design!

Front-end web development and full-stack Wordpress development are my forté, But my curiosity has led me to experiment with video game development, graphic design, app development, photography & video production. I'm always excited to jump into something new, to test the waters.

I love to code. I love to design. and I love to travel. I'm currently a freelancer travelling through Asia. If you’d like to get in touch, fire a message my way in the form below!

Take care :-)


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